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Citizen's Charter
Description Action
Performance PledgeOpen
Feedback and Redress Mechanism Open
Frontline ServicesOpen
Application for Loans Open
Application for LeaveOpen
Application for Claim Open
Issuance of Requested File / Certified True Copy / Photocopy Files and Other Miscellaneous Files Open
Application for Service Records / Certification of Employment Open
Application for Permit and Recognition of Private Schools Open
Application for Permit to Travel Abroad Open
Application for Retirement Under RA 8291, RA 1616, RA 660 and PD 1146Open
Application of Equivalent Record Form (ERF)Open
Processing of Certification, Authentication and Verification (CAV) of Elementary and Secondary Education Diploma, Official Transcript of Records and Other School RecordsOpen
Processing of Application for Correction of Entries in the Scholastic Record Open
Application for Claims of Terminal LeaveOpen
Application for Philippine Validating Test Open
Application for Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT)Open
Application for Provident Fund LoanOpen
Application for Government Permit / Recognition of Private Schools Open
Validation of Summer Class Permit Application to Approval Open
Validation of Request for Indorsement for Tuition Fee Increase Open
Validation of Request for Indorsement for SEC Amendment Open