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The Division of Bacoor City remains steadfast in maintaining its endeavour to support the DepEd programs and projects leading to the realization of its mission, vision and thrust.

It reinforces its commitement under the Education for All goals. The EFA endeavour is guiding principle to make basic education accessible to as many learners as possible and emphasizes and identifies the dimensions for ensuring that every person-child, youth and adult meets the basic learning needs. The restructuring of the curriculum is a part of an on-going effort to improve the quality of learning, to make the EFA goals a reality, effective and more meaningful. With the on-going effort to improve the quality of learning and to make the EFA goals a reality, effective and more meaningful, the Division implemented various program and projects.

ECARP (Every Child A Reader Program) is one of the DepEd's Programs to provide support to Filipino children falling behind in reading. The ECARP will first measure the reading proficiency level in both English and Filipino of public elementary students. It aims to equip elementary pupils in public schools with strategic reading and writing skills to make them independent young readers and writers.

Projet BRIGHT (Beginning Reading Instructional Guide to Help Teachers), the Division promotes reading achievement by encouraging teachers to develop and adjust lessons according to the instructional needs of their students. BRIGHT provides instructional guide to help teachers in handling beginning reading.

Project DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), is a 15-20 minute daily activity devoted to reading a book or any reading materials available in the school. This is for DepEd's aim of coming up with more creative ways of developing the love for reading among the young because this is an important portal to the world of learning.

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